Mrs. Garnett Saves the Day, 1905

At least two families owe Mrs. A. H. Garnett (Mary Frances Ruddell) a debt of gratitude for her heroic actions in 1905.  From the Skidmore New Era, September 21, 1905, page 1:

Gasoline Causes Fire.

Last Saturday afternoon about 3 o’clock, gasoline that had leaked from one burner of a gasoline stove was ignited by the blaze from another burner at Charles Beverlin’s home on West Oak street and had it not been for the prompt work of Mrs. A. H. Garnett, the fire would probably have destroyed the house together with the Garnett residence on the next lot west.

Mrs. Garnett on being informed of the blaze seized a bed comfort that was handy and running to the Beverlin home she threw the comfort around the stove and carried it into the yard.  She was burned about the face and hands but her injuries are not serious.  Mrs. Garnett’s presence of mind no doubt saved at least two houses and possibly three or four as it would have been impossible to have prevented the fire from catching and burning A. H. Garnett’s home if Beverlin’s house burned as the houses are only a short distance apart, and the town is without means of fighting fire.