Mrs. Grub Bramble Hurt While Coasting

Let’s be careful out there.  From the February 7, 1907 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 4:

Hurt While Coasting.

Mrs. Grub Bramble, who with her husband visited with the families of George and Henry Bramble a few weeks ago, was quite seriously injured while coasting on the street near her home in Kansas City recently.  In company with some other ladies and gentlemen she was sliding down the hill on a bob-sled and the speed at which they were going was terrific.  The man who had the guiding apparatus in hand lost control of the sled and in its mad flight it came in contact with the curbing, throwing its load into the street.  One of Mrs. Bramble’s limbs was badly injured and another lady was injured so seriously that her recovery is in doubt.


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