Mrs. J. F. Slawson’s Best Garden

When you’re having a good gardening year, you want to tell someone about it.  The Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri) was happy to listen and to share the news in its June 23, 1910 edition:

One of the Best Gardens She Ever Raised.

Mrs. J. F. Slawson, who lives six miles east of Skidmore, was in town Friday and said that notwithstanding the cold spring, she has one of the best gardens she ever raised.  And that means a good deal, for Mrs. Slawson knows what it takes to make a good garden and generally has one if anyone does.

She says that they had their first mess of potatoes the last day of May and they were good sized, too.  That she has green tomatoes on the vines, has had peas for some time and that her sweet corn is in tassel.