Mrs. Nora Sewell Entertains

Social news from the June 13, 1912 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Mrs. Nora Sewell Entertains.

One of the most pleasant and enjoyable socials of the summer was given at the home of Mrs. Nora Sewell Friday evening.  After the guests had all arrived and a good social time was spent in conversation, the hostess invited her guests into the large and spacious dining room where nine tables for two couples each, had been prepared and a delicious three course luncheon was served.  Mrs. Sewell was assisted in serving the guests by her daughter, Mrs. W. A. Crawford, of Whitefish, Montana.

After the luncheon the evening was spent in the popular and fascinating game of Some’r’Set.  So pleasantly was the evening spent that before they were aware of the fleetness of time, the hands of the dining room clock were fast approaching the wee small hours of the morning and warning them that it was time all “good folks” were in bed.  Thanking their hostess for the very delightful evening they departed for their homes.