Neighbors Help George Murphy, 1906

We are pleased (but not surprised) to share another example of Skidmore neighbors helping neighbors. This one is from the December 20, 1906 edition of the Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Helped Their Neighbor.

George Murphy, who resides about five and one half miles southwest of town, has had to care for his sick parents for some time and consequently fell badly behind with his farm work.

Knowing this, some twenty-three or four of his neighbors gathered at his place one day last week and gathered 1350 bushels, the greater part of his corn crop.

Among those who assisted in the work were J. D. Sharp, Floyd Weller, Wm. Sanders, Chas. Colwell, Elmer Coston, Walter and Wayman McGinnis, Perry Stambaugh, Jonas Shields, Claude Meyers, Vol and Eugene Coston, John Brown, David Butts, James Shull, Jas. Murphy, Lida Sharp and the Goldsbury brothers.

Mr. Murphy undoubtedly feels that he lives in a community where the residents are neighbors in the true sense of the word.