Nine Cars in Skidmore

Everything was up-to-date in Skidmore, Missouri in 1911.  The town prospered, and its residents had started to invest in the latest technology:  the horseless carriage.  Here’s the latest from the June 8, 1911 Skidmore New Era:

Buys an E. M. F.

C. E. Owens purchased last week, a new five passenger, four door, 1911 model, E. M. F. car with top, wind shield, magnetometer and everything complete.  Charlie is as proud of his new “joy wagon,” as he was of his first pair of red top boots, and well he may be, for he has as fine a car as anyone would wish to ride in.

Skidmore now has nine cars in town and fifteen in the immediate neighborhood, making in all twenty-four cars, representing as many thousand dollars; that is a nice sum of money but we don’t know of anybody who has a better right to have them than the people here, who live right in the garden spot of the world.

We hadn’t heard of the E. M. F. before, but after finding this site devoted to the brand, we declare it to be a fine car, indeed.