No Dirt, No Danger

Although we here at Storyteller Central admit we don’t do much heavy harvest cooking, we are intrigued by the idea of a “no dirt, no danger, no delay, no drudgery, and no disappointment” Insurance stove. ¬†From the June 28, 1906 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 5:

Cook the cool, clean way.  Heavy harvest cooking and busy perserving time will not try you if you're proficed with a good gasoline stove.  There is no dirt, no danger, no delay, no drudgery and no disappointment with one of our Insurance Stoves.  The admitted most economical and best, also our new model, two hole, brass fittings, $2.00.  Jordan-Thomas & Co.

Cook the cool, clean way with an Insurance Stove, as sold by Jordan, Thomas & Co. of Skidmore, Missouri in June 1905.