Nosy Neighbors

We suspect the editor of the unnamed exchange may have had some real-world experience behind the following item from the July 19, 1906 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 8:

Don’t Do It.

The season is here when members of a family sit on the front porch, says an exchange.  It grows too dark to read, or they are too listless to make the effort, and without any intention of doing so, they find themselves watching their neighbors.  A bad practice to get into, for in watching the neighbors it is so easy to forget to also watch one’s own tongue.  Don’t get the neighbor-spying habit.  If sitting on the front porch develops it, move your chair to the back attic upstairs, pull down the blinds, and plug up the keyhole.  Better sit there and die of the heat, than be cool on the front porch while lighting a fire under the neighbors.