Old Skidmore Boy Writes from Colorado, 1911

The Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri) delighted in printing letters from residents on vacation and letters from former residents who still kept in touch via a subscription to the paper.  Here’s one such letter from the June 8, 1911 edition, page 8:

From Idalia Colorado.

J. H. Wheeler of Idalia, Colorado, and old Skidmore boy writes as follows:

“We had a fine rain Sunday, (May 28) but it has been very dry out here all spring.  Wheat will not make over one-half crop.  The ground got so dry that some had to stop planting corn.  By the way says Mr. Wheeler, this “Chalky” soil out here gets mighty dry, and the wind sometimes blows too.  However, you will not mind this when you are used to it for if an east wind blows your farm away one day, a west wind may bring it back the next with an additional twenty or so.

Don’t miss a copy of the paper; we can not get along with out it.  We note many changes have taken place in our old home town since we left there.

Yours respectfully, J. H. Wheeler.