Old Time Spelling Bee, 1913

We think the event described in the February 13, 1913 edition of the Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri) spells FUN. We do wonder what spelling word stopped Ruby and the Barretts.

At the Good Will school house, Friday evening, February 7, took place an old time “spelling bee,” the old folk versus the school children.

The captains for the contending forces were Clyde Barrett, for the old folks and Louis McDaniels for the children.

The captains mustered their soldiers in two long lines and then the war of words began.  Ever and anon some brave soldier from one of the lines went down under a hard word.  This was kept up until only three were left.  The three last on the floor were Ruby Wright, Fred M. Barrett and Mrs. R. Barrett, who all missed the same word.

The exercises were then changed and an old fashioned pie social was had, or rather a pie auction.  There were pies and pies and pies — talk about the pies your mother used to make — well, she would have to be a past master in pie making to get in this class.  The pies sold from 60 cents to $2.25 apiece and the boys who bought them and helped eat them said they would have been cheap at twice the money.

After every body had all the pie they wanted, they again changed the order of the evening and voted Mr. Charles Pfeiffer the greatest prevaricator of the evening and Miss Grace Leeman the best looking young lady present.  (Probably Mr. Pfeiffer won his prize by remarking something about the pies being so good and selling so cheap.)

Miss Laura Pugh pronounced for the spelling match and Clyde Barrett was the pie auctioneer.  The way he bragged on those pies he ought to have had at least one half of Charlie Pfeiffer’s prize.

Well everybody had the time of their lives.  Good humor and good fellowship prevailed.  Some of the elderly ladies said they just had a bushel of fun.

The social culminated in a credit of $30 to the exchequer of the Ladies Aid of the Burr Oak Church.

When you want the best time of your life, come to Good Will. — R. Barrett.

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