Open Wide Your Cottage Gate

Something we admit we hadn’t considered, from the April 5, 1901 Skidmore Standard, page 4:

Change It.

The following paragraph was clipped from the Ravenwood Gazette, and we thought it would be a good thing if practiced by some of our citizens:

“As the time for spring improvements is near at hand we wish to offer a suggestion on behalf of a system of uniform gate hanging.  Many — some time we are almost convinced all — of our gates swing out across the sidewalk, and when left ajar to the sport of the wind are a menace to life and limb, but that need not deter others from being in the swim and following the fashion.  Perhaps sometime the city authorities may abolish the out-swinging gate or cause it to cease to obstruct public travel, so swing open wide your cottage gate and enjoy life while yet you may.”

Yes, for tomorrow you may be dead — if you don’t change it.