Overland Model 79, 1914

Who wouldn’t want a stylish car that makes life more worth the living?  This escape from the daily grime and grind of life could be yours at Loucks Garage in Skidmore.

Overland Model 79.  The Overland makes life more worth the living.  It puts you next door to nature in all her varying seasonal charms.  Next door to your business, your church and your friends in distant towns.  It takes you away from the daily grime and grind of life, refreshing you with new scenes and fresh air.  Therefore the Overland Creed is that it must be so built that it will at all times and under all circumstances give the owner uninterrupted use of his investment.  Every Overland owner is entitled to, and will receive prompt and efficient service - the kind that will insure him the motoring pleasure he expects, even more.  For further information and demonstration call on Loucks Garage, Skidmore, Missouri.

From the March 19, 1914 Skidmore New Era, page 6.