Snell-Twaddell, 1914

In honor of the hearts-and-flowers season, we bring you this wedding announcement from a somewhat warmer day in 1914.  From the June 4, 1914 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Wedding, Snell-Twaddell.

Miss Nona Snell of Maitland and Mr. Lloyd Twaddell of Skidmore were united in marriage Wednesday, May 27, 15 12:30 o’clock p.m. at the parsonage of the M. E. Church, South, in St. Joseph.

The ceremony was performed by Rev. P. B. Taylor in the presence of Mr. Joseph Shull of Skid- Maitland, who accompanied the young couple to St. Joseph Wednesday morning.

The bride is one of the very popular young ladies and school teachers of Maitland and the groom is a prosperous and industrious young farmer of near Skidmore.  They will go to housekeeping at once on the groom’s farm and will take with them to their new home the best wishes of a host of friends of Skidmore, Maitland and Graham, where the bride and groom are so well known.


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Loucks Anniversary, 1914

We believe the couple in the article below are Abraham Loucks (1848-1924) and Mary Ellen Iddings Forney Loucks (1844-1923).  From the February 12, 1914 edition of the Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 4:

Surprise Dinner.

Mr. and Mrs. A. Loucks had not given a thought to what day of the month it was, when Monday, February 9, their children, grandchildren, brothers, sisters, nephews and nieces, numbering in all about twenty, began to arrive, uninvited by them at their home.  Then they remembered that thirty-five years ago that day had been their wedding day.

The dining table was stretched its full length and loaded with good things to which all did ample justice when the noon hour came.

Mr. and Mrs. Laucks were the recipients of several very pretty and useful pieces of silverware given in commemoration of the day and surely they could have been no happier on their wedding day than they seemed on their thirty-fifth anniversary.

Needless to say the guests enjoyed the day as thoroughly as did their host and hostess and heartily wished for many, many happy returns of the day.

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Surprise Party at the Dawson Home, 1912

Society news from the January 25, 1912 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 6:

A Surprise Party.

A surprise party was given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Edd Dawson Friday evening, January 19.  Games were played and at a late hour the guests all departed for their homes thanking Mr. and Mrs. Dawson for the good time they had.

Those present were:  Misses Hazel Masters, Mildred Palmer, Beulah Renshaw, Lizzie Stauch, Effie Dawson, Bessie Wood, Neva Reaksecker, Dona Peter, and Bertha Dawson;  Messrs Earl Dempsey, Ray Masters, Clay Keever, Virgil Dawson, Floy Dawson, Forrest Masters, Carrol Hogan, Ora Keever, Carl Keever, Theodore Palmer, Ralph Wampler, Alfred Yager, and Edd Hammond.

One Who Was There.


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James Anniversary, 1908

Happy anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. J. E. James.  We believe the couple in the article below are Jacob Edgar James (1869-1946) and Lola Martin James (1870-1968).  From the February 13, 1908 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Celebrate Anniversary.

Another of those delightful social times and sumptuous surprise dinners was enjoyed by fifty friends of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. James in their home last Saturday, the occasion being their fifteenth wedding anniversary.

To say they were surprised is putting it mildly; they were simply shocked.  The unsuspicious couple were busy about their Saturday work and preparing to go to town in the afternoon, when about eleven o’clock a.m., Mrs. James looked through the window and saw the buggy and carriage loads drawing in.  She realized at once what it meant, and said to Mr. James, “Oh!  It’s our wedding anniversary!”

It is said that in her excitement, Mrs. James rushed into the pantry and sat down upon the floor.  As to the truth of this statement, I cannot say, but both Mr. and Mrs. James will admit they were surprised.  But they were soon masters of the situation, and the day was enjoyed by all present.

Misses Neta Owens and Ona Wade played and sang several nice selections, and Rev. Sauceman, of Fillmore, rendered many beautiful songs which were much appreciated by all, as he has an excellent voice.  Mr. Martin was present with his graphaphone, which entertained and amused the children to say nothing of the older ones.

Rev. Jeffers made an appropriate prayer, after which Rev. Welton presented the willow rocking chair which was given by all present as a token of the love and esteem in which the family are held.

Late in the day all departed, wishing Mr. and Mrs. James many happy returns of their anniversary.

— One Who Was There.


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Mrs. Minnie Coston Holds a Sale, 1926

Here are two sale opportunities, if you happen to find yourself in 1926 tomorrow.  From the February 4, 1926 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 8 (click for full size):

Closing-Out Sale.  I will sell at public auction, 1 1/2 miles south of Skidmore, the following described property beginning at 1:30 o'clock, or immediately after the Holsclaw sale, on Monday, Feb. 8, 1926.  9 head livestock.  Implements, etc.  Horses - one span of gray horses, 1 eight years old and the other smooth mouth, weight about 2,600 pounds.  1 Blue Roan Horse, 9 years old.  1 Brown Mare, smooth mouth, weight about 1200 pounds.  1 Roan Horse, smooth mouth, weight about 1100 pounds.  1 Blue Mare, smooth mouth, in foal.  Cattle - 1 Jersey cow, nine years old, will be fresh by day of sale.  1 Jersey Cow, six years old, fresh last February.  1 part Jersey Heifer, 1 year old. The cows are extra good milkers.  Implements - 1 high wheel wagon.  1 low wheel wagon.  2 sets harness.  1 spring wagon.  1 disk.  1 walking cultivator.  1 riding cultivator.  1 disk cultivator.  1 riding lister. 1 wheat drill.  1 hay rake.  1 3-section harrow.  Corn - 300 to 500 bushels.  Terms:  cash, or see your banker.  Mrs. Minnie Coston.  R. P. Hosmer, Auctioneer.  Bank of Skidmore, Clerk.

Sale, Mrs. Minnie Coston, Skidmore News, February 4, 1926, page 8.

Here’s the ad for the Holsclaw sale:

Closing-out sale.  I will sell at public auction at my farm 1 mile south and 1 1/2 miles west of Skidmore, 1/2 mile west of the Scrub Oak School site, the following described property, beginning at 10 o'clock, a.m., sharp, on Monday, Feb. 8, 1926.  12 head livestock, implements, etc.  5 head horses and one mule - 1 pair brown mares, coming nine years old.  1 gray pair mares coming 7 and 8 years old.  1 mule, coming 6 years old.  1 spotted kid's pony, smooth mouth.  6 cows and heifers - 1 3/4-blook Jersey, 2 years old, fresh, calf by side (giving about 3 gallons of milk a day).  1 3-year-old heifer, will be fresh about the 12th or 15th of February.  1 cow, 8 ears old, will be fresh about the 12th or 15th of February.  1 cow 3 years old, will be fresh the 15th of February.  2 coming yearling heifers.  1 white brood sow, to farrow 1st half of March. Implements - 1 John Deere Go-devil, 2-row.  1 John Deere Corn Planter.  1 Good Mowing Machine.  1 Badger Cultivator.  1 New Century cultivator.  1 walking lister.  1 1-row stalk cutter.  1 Walker cultivator.  2 sets of work harness.  1 cream separator, Golden Harvest.  1 Bell City incubator, 140-egg.  Feed - 30 shocks of fodder with corn on it. Between 800 and 900 bushels Corn.  Between 20 and 30 bushels of good Seed Corn, and other articles too numerous to mention.  Terms: Cash, or see your Banker. On account of Mrs. Coston's sale at 1:30 o'clock, this sale will begin at 10 o'clock, prompt.  F. L. Holsclaw.  R. P. Hosmer, Auctioneer.  Bank of Skidmore, Clerk.

From the Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), February 4, 1926, page 8.

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McMahan-O’Riley and Parish-Wilson

Two sets of wedding bells from the February 10, 1921 edition of the Skidmore News, page 1:


Miss Eva McMahan, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. McMahan living northwest of Maryville, and Lee O’Riley of Skidmore were married at 6:30 o’clock Tuesday evening at the home of Rev. Father Niemann at Maryville.  They will make their home on a farm near Skidmore.



Miss Bertha Parish, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Parish, was married to Arthur Wilson of Maryville, at the First Christian church at St. Joseph at 4 o’clock Saturday afternoon, Rev. C. M. Childers officiating.  They were accompanied by Mrs. Joseph Cockayne and Miss Pearl Booth of Maryville, and A. E. Cockayne of St. Joseph.  Following the ceremony, a wedding supper was served at the home of the groom’s mother, Mrs. A. E. Cockayne.

Mr. and Mrs. Wilson returned to Maryville Sunday evening, and went immediately to their new home five miles northwest of Maryville.

Mrs. Wilson has been cashier at the Woolworth store in Maryville for the past year, and while there made her home with her sister, Mrs. Steve Donahue.


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Samuel Bender Sale, 1905

Estate sale news from the February 3, 1921 edition of the Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 8 (click to enlarge):

For Sale resident property of the late Samuel Bender in the southeast part of Skidmore.  Property consists of 1/4 of a block (150-foot front by 140 feet deep), 6-room, one story cottage with closets, pantries and bathroom.  In good condition.  Plenty of shade trees and some fruit trees.  Inquire at the house.  E. J. Bender.

Advertisement from the February 3, 1921 Skidmore News, page 8.


Furniture Sale.  I will sell at public auction at the late Sam'l Bender's property in the southeast part of Skidmore, the following described property, beginning at 1 p.m. on Saturday, February 5th.  1 oak book case with 25 volumes assorted books.  1 settee, 2 parlor chairs, 1 oak library table, 1 oak folding bed, 1 hall tree, 2 stand tables, 2 rugs, 1 carpet, 1 carpet sweeper, 1 Davis sewing machine, 6 rocking chairs, 1 ash bed room set, marble top.  2 dining tables, 6 dining chairs, set of kitchen chairs, 2 kitchen tables, 1 oak sideboard, 1 leather couch, 4 cupboards, 1 coal cook stove, 1 oil cook stove, 1 oil heater, 1 hard coal base burner, 1 soft coal base burner, 1 wood heater, porch set, 1 lawn mower, set garden tools, 3 mattresses, 2 feather mattresses, 5 feather pillows, 2 sets bed springs, stone and glass jars, dishes, and too many other things too numerous to mention.  Terms:  Cash.  E. J. Bender.  O. E. Caywood, Auctioneer.

Advertisement from the February 3, 1921 Skidmore News, page 8.

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