Pants on Fire

How hot is it?  Just about as hot as the day reported by the July 12, 1901 Skidmore Standard:

A man on the out-skirts of Windfield was carrying a bottle in his hip pocket the other day, when his clothes caught on fire.  Upon examination it was found that the rays of the sun became focused on the bottle and set fire to the west side of his trousers.  Moral:  Don’t carry “fire water” when the sun is shining.

Ad for Conad and Company restaurant, Skidmore, Missouri 1901

It pays to advertise. The Conrad Restaurant promised ice cream, lemonade, milk shakes, soda pop, and all kinds of cold drinks, plus a Good Lunch. Skidmore Standard, July 12, 1901


Let that be a lesson to us all.   Far better to patronize the more sociable, wholesome institutions of the town, like the L. A. Conrad & Company’s Restaurant in Skidmore.  They offered cool drinks, a Good Lunch, and all the things that are to be found in a first class restaurant.