Parents, Praise the Teachers

We know that school is almost out, and we know that teachers rarely get the thanks and credit they deserve, especially in these troubled times.  The unnamed correspondent to the Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri) from the Lower Elkhorn neighborhood saw a similar problem and encouraged parents to consider the teachers in this brief editorial from the April 20, 1905 edition on page 8:

Parents, do you ever think what the teacher does five days out of each week for your children?  They are teaching them morals, manners, truthfulness, self-reliance, and laying the foundation for their future usefulness, while some parents sit at home waiting for their children to come home to them, with some awful tattling tale about the poor teacher and some mean playmate, and they sit there with wide open eyes and gaping mouth and listen to the children spin their yarns and often helping them out, instead of praising the teacher and encouraging the children.

Parents, be more in sympathy with the teacher of your child and praise him and speak a good word for him to the children and neighbors instead of upbraiding him and running him down.  If this shoe fits any one, please wear it even if it does pinch a little.