Party for Lillie McDowell and Marion Smock

More social news from the January 9, 1913 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 4:

Birthday Party

A very pleasant and entertaining party was given Saturday by Mr. and Mrs. Ray Pope in honor of the birthdays of Lillie McDowell and Marion Smock.  Although a very cold night, Mr. Smock would have received a good bath in the horse tank but for the idleness of Mr. Pope’s pump engine, being denied this pleasure the guests played various games.  At a late hour they departed for their homes, voting Mr. and Mrs. Pope very congenial entertainers.  Those present were Noma Allen, Clarinda, Iowa; Henry and Lee Smock, Portland, Oregon; Mr. and Mrs. Ed Cole and son, Harry; Fred Dyson, Orval Lowrance, Carry Hester, Oren German, Everett Dawson, Walter McGinnis, Joe Shull, Fred Mast, Roy Hopkins, Halley Merritt, Fred Conrad, Marion Smock, Chloma Lowrance, Rex Kneifer, Mammie and Birdie Nowland, Ruth and Lillie McDowell and the host and hostess and their son, Donald.