Patronize the Home Merchant

Some sound shopping advice for all of us today from the November 21, 1902 Skidmore Standard:

Patronize the Home Merchant


Now that the holiday season is not far off we want to say a word in favor of the merchants of Skidmore.


The merchants of Skidmore, when they make a selection of holiday goods, get those that they think will please their trade and be of the most use to the purchaser of whom the article is intended when it is purchased for a gift. They exercise great care in buying goods and their investment will amount to no little sum and should be appreciated by the trade of this vicinity.


The people of Skidmore and surrounding country owe it to themselves to buy their goods at home. The merchants are to please and accommodate you and these wares can be purchased as cheap or cheaper than they can of some mail order concern where you cannot see what you are buying.


If the people will trade at home, they will help themselves as well as well as the merchant, for the money paid the home merchant will be placed in circulation at home and the more money in circulation in a community, the more prosperous is the community. You have a chance to get back some of the money you spent with a home merchant, but there is no possible show of your getting back any money you send away from home.


It is important that the home merchant be encouraged in this manner, he is what keeps your town in a progressive state and makes your property more valuable.