Physicians, 1917

As we approach Veterans Day in the U. S., we remember Dr. J. E. Pierpoint, long-time Skidmore physician, who served his country in World War I.

From the November 1, 1917 Skidmore News:
This county is also called upon to furnish nine physicians for service in the medical corps of the army. This is twenty per cent of the total number of practicing physicians in the county.

From the November 15, 1917 Skidmore News:
After January 10, 1918 I will stand a chance of being drawn for military services. In order to get my business shaped up am asking that all accounts due me for professional services and drug store bills, as well, be settled by January 1st. Respectfully, J. E. Pierpoint.

From the December 5, 1918 Skidmore News:
Lieutenant Pierpoint Home
Lieut. Dr. J. E. Pierpoint and Mrs. Pierpoint came in from Camp Funston Monday morning. They came to Bigelow on the train and were driven there by auto, arriving about 5 o’clock in the morning. That didn’t make so much difference with the Dr. as he is used to going or coming at almost any hour.

He was only granted a ten day furlough but may ask for an extension unless influenza conditions abate by that time.

He does not know how soon he will be discharged as all the soldiers have to be examined before they are discharged, and some of the physicians have either been discharged or transferred so it will keep those that are there quite busy for some time.