Pinkston Sale, 1906

If you were in Skidmore, Missouri on this date in 1906, you would be able to attend a sale of fine farm implements:

Public sale of farm implements.  I will sell at public sale in Skidmore on Saturday, April 14, 1906, beginning at 2 o'clock the following property:  One 14-inch plow, one garden plow, single shovel, one garden plow, two shovel, one lister, one harrow, one 2 row go-devil, one single go-devil, one stalk cutter.  One set double trees and single trees.  2 post hole diggers, one corn drill.  One check row corn planter.  One set work harness, 1 collar only.  Two jack screws.  One scoop shovel.  One log chain.  This machinery used one season.  Edward Pinkston, Administrator.

From the April 12, 1906 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 5.