Postmaster Howden Resigns

We were surprised to find this article in the March 19, 1908 Skidmore New Era.  Postmaster T. L. Howden was a driving force in bringing rural free mail delivery to the area around Skidmore, Missouri and a constant presence in town events.  We suppose all good things must come to an end.  From page 1:

Postmaster Howden Resigns.

T. L. Howden has sent in his resignation as postmaster, and has arranged to go to work for a Kansas City land company at a good salary.  This company has been after Mr. Howden for some time and has offered him so great an inducement to become their general agent that he decided to resign his present office. He will continue to make Skidmore his home.

Three men, all of whom are fully qualified to fill the office, are applicants for the office made vacant by Mr. Howden’s resignation.  They are:  Stratford Saunders, George Stoolfer and Fred Shell.


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