Praise for Mayor Fullerton

From the March 11, 1909 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Our City Dads.

In another column will be seen the statement rendered by our city officials for the past year, ending March 16, 1909.

This statement shows the city to be in a healthy, prosperous and growing condition, with the financial conditions in good shape, for which much credit is due to its energetic mayor, efficient board of aldermen, and vigilant and dutiful collector and other officers.

The mayor has spared no pains or time in his work the past year and no little credit is due his untiring efforts.  it has been his constant aim at all times to keep clear of any and all entanglements in a legal way, and at the same time vigorously and impartially enforce the ordinances as he found them on the books.

He has devoted his time to placing the city on a better moral basis, and was largely instrumental in securing sooner the building of the present railroad depot, and by his efforts stock yards were put in a better and more sanitary condition, an improvement which was greatly needed and much appreciated by our citizens, and during this administration the freight trains have not been permitted to hold the street crossings an undue time, thus preventing and retarding travel and use of streets.

He approved and worked for the construction of more street crossings, which encouraged the laying of many yards of much needed cement walks, and by his efforts and the assistance of the board the revenues of the city have reached a better condition than ever before.

The poll tax is paid in full, the city tax all collected but about $2.50, and not one cent of merchant tax remains unpaid.  The log tax for collection all arranged for, all of which makes a statement for which both the entire city officials and citizens of the town should feel justly proud.

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