Presents for the Mail Carrier, 1913

For those planning Christmas gift lists, we offer the following suggestions for gifts to your mail carrier from the January 2, 1913 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri):

Showered Mail Carrier

The patrons of Rural Route No. 3 played Santa Claus to their Mail Carrier, Jerome Cross, last week.

The following is what he found in his stocking:

Thirteen pounds of meat, (not counting his foot) 13 quarts of canned fruit, 11 chickens, 1 1/2 pecks of apples, 3 1/2 bushels of corn (besides what was on his toes) 10 bushels of oats, 3 pounds butter, 3 pounds lard, 2 glasses jell, 1 peck walnuts, 2 bushels potatoes, 1 head cabbage and 1/2 bushel of turnips.

Card of Thanks

We wish to thank our many generous friends for their kindness, assuring them that we not only appreciate the gifts for their value and usefulness but we appreciate the spirit in which they were bestowed by the donors.

Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Cross