Real Estate Deals in Skidmore, 1909

From a special supplement to the Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), March 4, 1909, page 13:

Some Real Estate Transfers Noted.

Traded Restaurant for Farm.

J. W. Miller has traded his Quitman restaurant to James Melton for his farm 2 1/2 miles southwest of town.  Mr. Melton took possession last week.


James Weddle Bought Property.

James Weddle purchased the W. M. Howden residence on Oak street Monday and will move his family from Quitman here as soon as he can repair it a little and make some changes in the home which he wishes to have.


Bought Lots for a Home.

George Chester, son-in-law of A. B. Kingery, has purchased the old M. E. Church lots and will erect a residence thereon this fall.  Mr. and Mrs. Chester have been making St. Louis their home while engaged in the theatrical business, but prefer to live in Skidmore where Mrs. Chester was raised, and can have the companionship of her parents and friends of her girlhood when she is at home.


Traded Residence for Land.

W. L. Mitchell traded his town property to Clifford Frost for 150 acres of land in Stevens county, Kansas, located one-half mile north of the Oklahoma line, 24 miles from Guymore, Oklahoma.  Mr. Mitchell will move this spring to Chase, Kansas, where he and his brother will put in a blacksmith, wagon and general repair shop.


Big Land Deal.

The biggest land deal that has taken place in the township for some time occurred Tuesday when C. E. Owens purchased of W. J. Skidmore the 200 acre tract of land south east of town and joining the city limits, at the consideration of $20,000, or $100 an acre.  This piece of land is known as the “cow pasture,” having been used by Mr. Skidmore for pasture for over forty years.  It is one of the finest and best bluegrass pastures in the county, has two never failing springs and is capable of feeding one cow to the acre during the grass season.


Barber Shop Changed Hands.

W. H. Hill sold his barber shop Monday to John Owens, son of C. E. Owens, of the well known firm of Barrett, Stoolfer & Owens.  Mr. Owens took possession at once and is now proprietor of the shop.  W. H. Hill came from Maryville here and started in business Jan. 18, 1894, and has been in the one shop 15 years, 1 month and 10 days.  He will stay with Mr. Owens for a while at least.  He has not fully determined just what he will do, but it is very likely that he and Mrs. Hill will continue to remain citizens of Skidmore for some time yet.  Mr. Owens is a young man of experience, good business ability, and starts out with everything in his favor for a successful career.


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