Reckless Auto Driving, 1909

Lawsuits seldom appeared in the pages of the Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), and we dare say traffic incidents involving automobiles were also rare in 1909.  Here’s a story involving both from the July 15, 1909 edition, page 4:

Sued for Damages.

Papers were served on W. E. Linville, liveryman, Tuesday, by Constable Horn, to appear in ‘Squire Arnold’s court in Maryville Monday, July 26, to answer charges of reckless auto driving.  The complaint was sworn to by Mr. Stults, who works on the Robert Merritt farm, north of town, claiming that on Sunday, June 27, that Linville’s car ran into his team on Elm street in the east part of Skidmore, frightening his team, breaking his buggy and injuring himself, and asks for damages for $50 on buggy and $200 for injuries sustained by himself.  There were three women and a man passenger in the auto at the time of collision with the team.  We do not know what extent the damages were.  Some say very slight, but this all remains to be ascertained in the trial.