Reckless Driving

At least he wasn’t texting while driving, too. From the December 15, 1899 Skidmore Standard, page 8:

Purl Linville, a young married man, who lives 3 miles northeast of town, narrowly escaped death, about five o’clock, Wednesday afternoon, as a result of reckless driving. He had been in town the greater portion of the day and had just started home. Unmindful of the fact that frozen ground is exceedingly rough, he urged his team into a run, down Elm street and when the wheels of the road wagon struck the railroad crossing, north of the depot, Linville was thrown out by the concussion. An eye-witness of the accident says Linville was tossed into the air and his head struck the ground first. Two wheels of the vehicle passed over the body and he lay like a dead man until help arrived. Consciousness returned after a time and he was taken home about ten o’clock, Wednesday night. His face and head were much cut and bruised, and he was otherwise considerably shaken up. The team ran away with the road wagon and damaged it somewhat.