Red Cross Sale, 1918

The industrious ladies of the Skidmore, Missouri Red Cross persisted in their work.  From the Skidmore News, May 2, 1918, page 1:

Red Cross Notes

We did so well with the sale last Saturday, we decided to finish up this week. Come out Saturday.  Only about one-half of the things were sold last week on account of the rain. Some have it, it is too late to bring something this week.  No, indeed, bring it right on.

Mr. Hiram Montgomery was present at the last meeting, last week and talked to the ladies about his recent trip to St. Louis, where he attended a conference of Red Cross workers from all over the state.  Mr. Montgomery told us a great many interesting things.  He told us that last winter we raised one hundred million dollars in the Red Cross drive and that we had two million dollars interest, and that we had spent one hundred and two million dollars in war relief work, so when people tell you it never gets to the boys, just remember this.  We are always glad to have visitors. It helps and encourages the ladies in their work.

There is very serious talk of drafting the young women of this country for Red Cross work, just as the young men are drafted.  The age will be between 18 and 25.  We are sure there will be no one left in Skidmore when the draft comes.  They will have enlisted.  Everyone has one afternoon a week, and 3 hours of that afternoon can surely be given to Red Cross work.

The Loyal Workers shipped 720 gauze wipes, 4×4; 375 gauze compresses, 8×4; 65 many tailed bandages; 9 sweaters; 9 pairs wristlets; 3 pairs socks this week.

The Liberty and Union auxiliary made their first shipment this week of 70 many tailed bandages.

The ladies of the Red Cross will serve lunch at Barber’s Shorthorn sale Friday, May 3.  Leave what you have planned for the lunch at Mr. C. E. Owens’ store by nine o’clock Friday morning, and come and help.

There will be no meeting of the Willing Workers auxiliary at the work room Friday afternoon on account of having to use our tables at the Barber sale.

Remember the Royal benefit for the Red Cross this coming Friday evening.  A good show is promised and the proceeds will go to the Red Cross.  We sure appreciate the favors shown us by the Royal theatre.