Red Letter Day for Skidmore, 1910

Few things made the editor of the Skidmore New Era happier than positive news from Skidmore, Missouri’s business district.  Here’s an example from the June 2, 1910 edition:

Saturday a Red Letter Day for Skidmore.

Our streets Saturday looked more like the appearance of a Fourth of July celebration than an ordinary business day in the month of May.  Every hitch rack in the town was crowded with teams.  Buggies and carriages were here for 12 and 15 miles, all carrying butter, eggs and produce and every rig went home filled with great arm loads of merchandise.  The buildings looked like the great department stores in one of our large cities on a bargain day.  The stores all had extra help and every one was kept busy tying up goods all day until late in the evening.

The big buggy sale put on by the Rees Hardware Company had their share of the crowd.  In front of the store was a line of their famous Racine and LaPort buggies.  The expert from Kansas City, representing the Racine Manufacturing Co., gave a demonstration of his line of goods.  One of the Racine buggies was selected by the crowd and torn up on the street as had been previously advertised.

Every buggy house in town sold buggies.  All done business.

As an idea of the size of the crowd, the Rees Hardware Co. offered a $16 rocker to the lucky one over 15 years old, registering in their store on Saturday.  As a result 558 autographs were left on their book.  Mrs. Clarence Harris proved to have the lucky number and took home with her the big leather rocker.  Saturday was a Red Letter Day for Skidmore merchants.