Republican Primary, 1900

A crowd of McKinley fellows, some Democrats, and a few Populists walk into a Republican primary. . .

From the July 20, 1900 Skidmore Standard, page 1:

Republican Primary.

The Republicans of Monroe township held their primary in Cook’s opera house Saturday afternoon. When Chairman I. N. Sewell called the house to order at 3 o’clock there was a fair sized crowd of McKinley fellows present and also a number of Democrats and Populists. Stratford Saunders was elected chairman and T. L. Howden Secretary. A free will offering was taken to defray incidental expenses and it was quite noticeable that the contributions were characterized by more liberality than is usually displayed on similar occasions in churches when the pastor has the collection box passed among the worshipers.

Fourteen names were presented before the house out of which seven delegates were to be elected to attend the county convention at Maryville. The nominees were:

J. M. French, J. T. VanAusdall, Henry Barrett, S. Saunders, D. F. Mitchell, C. E. Owens, I. N. Sewell, T. P. Moorhead, J. G. Parshall, Sr., E. T. Clark, G. R. Davis, J. T. Yates, T. L. Howden, J. G. Hays.

The election resulted in the following seven men receiving the highest number of votes:

J. M. French, Henry Barrett, S. Saunders, D. F. Mitchell, C. E. Owens, I. N. Sewell, J. T. Yates.

After deciding that each delegate, if he could not go himself, should have the right to name his proxy, the meeting was adjourned.