Riley G I – Skidmore Standard 1901-02-08

The following is an index entry from the Index to the Skidmore Standard, 1901.  Short entries are transcribed in the “Notes or transcript” field, while longer articles are summarized.  To obtain a copy of longer articles, contact your library’s Interlibrary Loan department or the State Historical Society of Missouri.

Last name, company name or subject:  Riley

First name:  G

Middle name or initial:  I


Article title:  

Notes or transcript:  “The snow drifted badly in the roads running east and west, and made them impassable in places. Dr. Shepard, who was called to see a patient several miles west of town Sunday night, got his buggy mired in a drift and had to leave it. He borrowed a buggy which soon was hung up in another drift, and had to resort to borrowing again in order to get to the bedside of his patient. G. I. Riley who lives 7 1/2 miles northwest of town, started to Skidmore early Monday morning in his buggy but soon had to abandon it for a wagon. He arrived here about half past eleven o’clock. The mail carriers started out on horse back Monday and made it over most of their routes. The Monday passenger was 1 1/2 hours late.”

Newspaper:  Skidmore Standard

Date (YYYY-MM-DD):  1901-02-08

Volume:  6

Issue:  42

Page:  8

Column:  3