Road Work, 1902

From the August 22, 1902 Skidmore Standard (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Road Work.

The township board met Wednesday and transacted the following business:  That of putting a culvert just west of the north river bridge.  The culvert will be 16 feet long and 16 feet wide which will enable two teams to pass.  The grade will be raised some three or four feet, which will allow passage during moderately high water.  The board — owing to a lack of funds — thought it would be better to make the culvert the 16 foot length now and later on, if it is required to have a longer culvert to allow a water way, they can do so as the additional expense of tearing out and adding to the bridge will be no great amount.

They also ordered a number of finger boards put up at the different corners on the road running east and west just north of town.  This is something that has long been needed and especially by those who are not familiar with the country.  They also ordered one put up at the county line corner south of town.  Seeing what a great benefit the road drag — the D. Ward King kind — has been to the roads where it has been used they ordered several made to be used by the road supervisors in their respective districts.

Heretofore there has been a great deal of the road work put off until late in the fall, which almost invariably makes bad roads during the winter and spring months.  To guard against this the board has ordered that all work shall be done by the first day of October, and if not done by that date the taxes shall be paid in money.  The law says that all road work shall be completed by the first day of October and that two thirds of it must be done by the first day of July.