Robert Patton’s Horse Stolen

Must have been the heat. A crime wave in Skidmore, Missouri hit the front page of the Skidmore Standard’s August 9, 1901:

Last Saturday evening about 10:00 o’clock the fine riding and driving mare belonging to Robert Patton was stolen from the hitch-racks in Skidmore. Mr. Patton had ridden the mare to town late in the afternoon and after doing his trading went to get his horse which was tied near Sewell Bros. & Montgomery’s store. He found nothing but the hitchstrap which was fastened to the halter with a snap. Thinking that the horse had loosened herself and gone home, Mr. Patton walked home but did not find the animal there as expected. Inquiry was made the next day but no one had seen or heard tell of any loose horse, answering to the description, within a radius of five miles.

It is the opinion of all that the mare was stolen.

Mr. Patton offers a reward of $25, for the capture and conviction of thief and return of mare. The Standard offers an additional $10 for the capture and conviction of the thief.

The mare is brown in color, 6 years old and weighs about 1100 pounds. Has a small white spot on right side; a knot on left fore leg just below the knee and is a little pigeon toed.

LATER: — Mr. Patton received a telephone message from Braddyville, Iowa, stating that a man rode into that town Monday and offered a horse for sale at a very low figure that answered well to the description given. Mr. Patton went to Braddyville that evening but nothing further has been heard of either Mr. Patton or the horse thief.

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