Runaway Mules

Teenage drivers can sometimes have trouble, even when the vehicle they’re driving is a mule-powered plow. From the August 3, 1900 Skidmore Standard:

Mules Runaway With a Plow.

Late Wednesday afternoon, M. P. Horn’s team of young mules ran away while hitched to a plow in the A. Pinkston lot in Highland View. Raleigh Horn, 17 years old, was driving them. The mules took fright suddenly, and tore away from the boy and went dashing madly down Elm street, west, with the plow jumping and dragging at their heels. Some little damage was done to the harness and one of the animals was considerably bruised about the legs, caused from falling and being dragged a considerable distance by its mate. No cause is known for the team’s sudden fright; but the supposition is entertained by Mr. Horn that a humble bee’s gentle touch had something to do with it.