Scaldy Ashbrook and the Skidmore Boys Meet the Maryville All Stars

An epic ball game was reported in the July 1, 1909 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 7:

Ball Game at Maryville, Friday.

The ball game Friday between Skidmore and the All Stars of Maryville, on the Maryville grounds, doesn’t look very good to our boys on the score book, as the game resulted in a 10 to 1 score in favor of the Maryville team.

The Skidmore battery was “hoodoed” for some reason, Moorehead who was catching being spiked behind the left ear in colliding with a Maryville runner in the second inning, and Weddle, who was in the box and has considerable reputation as a twirler whose curves are mighty hard to hit, seemed to be “up in the air,” and the Maryville ites batted him all over the field.

At the end of the second inning a change of battery was made by Ashbrook, captain of the Skidmore Club, entering the box, and Spahr taking the position behind the bat and things looked different.  It was another game altogether.  The Maryville Tribune in speaking of the game said:  The Skidmore captain relieved the battery in the third inning and after that Funk’s men got only one score, and that was in the seventh.  “Scaldy” Ashbrook twirled the last seven innings for the visitors and the old war horse showed some class and inspired his following to tighten up and get busy.

The Skidmore boys scored one in the seventh, making as many as the All Stars, notwithstanding that one of our players was smeared with blood from his scalp wound and all of them had lost confidence from the results of the first two innings.

Those who witnessed the game say the last seven innings were fast ball.  A game was matched between practically the same teams on the Skidmore grounds for Wednesday.