School Opens in Skidmore, 1901

From the September 6, 1901 Skidmore Standard (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Skidmore School Opens.

The Skidmore public schools opened last Monday morning with the teachers and 147 pupils present, and ready and eager to begin the year’s work.  A few more pupils are entering each day. The outlook for a successful year’s work is very favorable, as a brighter and happier collection of boys and girls could not be found in Nodaway county than those that appeared at the school building last Monday morning.  Each seemed eager to find his place and accepted cheerfully the task imposed upon him by his teacher. The teachers have expressed a determination to make the year’s work equal to, if not the best in the history of the Skidmore school.  The teachers have also expressed a determination to make the work thorough and complete, so that the work done in the branches taught in this school will be equal to the work of any other school in the same branches.

The patrons of the school seemed much interested in the school work, which is very encouraging to the pupils and the teachers as well.

Eighteen non-resident pupils have entered and begun their work earnestly, as if they did not intend to be excelled by their “city cousins.”

The first day was devoted largely to organizing and classifying pupils that were not already classified.

The success of the school depends largely upon the cooperation of the patrons with the teachers.  So we would suggest that the patrons give the teachers their support, by encouraging the children and showing them that they are thoroughly interested in the school work.