Schoolhouse Water Analyzed, 1914

From the September 11, 1914 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 4:

Water Analyzed

A sample of the school house water has been sent to a chemist at St. Joseph and analyzed.

This precaution was taken not because there were impurities of the water, but because the school board, the board of health of Skidmore and all Skidmore citizens wanted to be on the safe side when the children of the district begin using this water for drinking purposes.

Dr. J. E. Pierpoint sent a sample of this water to A. B. McGlotham, M. D., of St. Joseph and following is his reply:

Laboratory Report

August 8, 1914

Dr. J. E. Pierpoint: —

Sample Water:  Bacteria per c. c. 150.  Bacilli coli absent in 40 c. of water.

It is generally accepted, if water shows the presence of the colon bacillus in quantities of 1 c.c. or less, it is suspicious.

The sample you sent is evidently a good drinking water.

Signed, A. B. McGlotham, M. D.

According to the St. Joseph chemist, patrons of the school need have no fears whatever of germs in the water.  It not only shows an absence of bacillus in 1 c. c. but it has an absence in 40 c. c. or all the water sent.


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