Skidmore Class of 1901

It is graduation season again, and many proud parents and students are celebrating.  The Skidmore High Class of 1901 was celebrated in the May 3, 1901 edition of the Skidmore Standard, right on page 1:


Of the Skidmore Public School — Eight Graduates.

The exercises of the third annual commencement of the Skidmore Public School which was held at Cook’s opera house last Saturday evening was one of the most successful and entertaining in the history of our school.

Notwithstanding the bad night there was a large crowd — more than there were seats to accommodate and quite a number of chairs were placed in the aisles for those who came in late.

Regardless of the large number of complimentary tickets that were issued to those who took part in the program, and those who did not but were deserving of them, the twenty-five cents door fee that was charged amounted to about $55.  After deducting the expense of the exercise the remainder will be used for purchasing books for the school library.

The graduating class, consisting of Misses Cecile Saunders, Ruby H. Ruddell, Callye Grigsby, Lulu Barber, Ethel Linville, Minnie Ott, Mildred McDowell, and Mr. Claud Riley, in their essays and orations spoke volumes for their own attainment and the excellent work of our schools.  Skidmore is proud of her class of 1901 and no small amount of credit is due to Prof. Smith and his able assistants for the manner in which these worthy young people acquitted themselves.  Both the faculty and the pupils of our schools have done excellent work during the past term.

The music, both vocal and instrumental, was rendered in a faultless manner.