Skidmore, Missouri – Skidmore Standard 1901-11-22

The following is an index entry from the Index to the Skidmore Standard, 1901.  Short entries are transcribed in the “Notes or transcript” field, while longer articles are summarized.  To obtain a copy of longer articles, contact your library’s Interlibrary Loan department or the State Historical Society of Missouri.

Last name, company name or subject:  Skidmore, Missouri

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Notes or transcript:  “No one objects to the boys playing on the streets at night as long as they do not interrupt travel or traffic, but they certainly ought to play without the use of profane and vulgar language. While it is not the province of the city authorities to regulate the language that boys make use of in their games, yet if parents will not teach their boys to use proper language while at play the city authorities should at least keep them off the more business streets or send them to play in front of their own homes.”

Newspaper:  Skidmore Standard

Date (YYYY-MM-DD):  1901-11-22

Volume:  7

Issue:  31

Page:  4

Column:  2