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**** Index information for August 1898 – December 1906 now available!  ****

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The staff of the Skidmore New Era newspaper pose by the printing press.

Skidmore New Era newspaper staff, Skidmore, Missouri, ca. 1908

For the past few years, I have been compiling an index to the available newspaper issues for Skidmore, Missouri.  The Index to the Skidmore Standard, covering late 1898 – December 1904, is complete, and work on the Index to the Skidmore New Era (1905-1915) is underway.

The Standard was published in Skidmore, Missouri from 1895 through 1904, and issues from August 1898 – December 1904 exist on microfilm at the State Historical Society of Missouri.  This online index covers those available issues, from August 12, 1898 through December 1904.

The New Era was published in Skidmore from 1905 through 1915, and indexing for that is underway.

Where to find the Index:  All the entries I have created so far are searchable via the index search page on this site.  Printed copies of the index for 1898-1902 are available in the Nodaway County Historical Society, the Northwest Missouri Genealogical Society, the Midwest Genealogy Center, the State Historical Society of Missouri, Allen County Public Library and other genealogy collections.  Availability of print editions for dates after 1902 will depend on my ability to fund the printing.

What is indexed:  I indexed all locally-written articles and news items.  Advertisements for local businesses are also included, although national ads, such as those for patent medicines, are not.  Local ads that repeated from issue to issue were indexed one time each to save space in the printed version.  The index does include all of the smaller who-went-where and who-visited-whom items, as well as all available birth announcements, marriages, and obituaries.

How to get the articles:  Most smaller items of one or two lines are transcribed as part of the index and appear in the notes field, which you’ll see in the online index detail view.  If you see a couple of lines in quotation marks, you have the entire item from the paper.  The majority of the local news items in the paper were short bits of gossip like these.  Longer articles are summarized in the notes field.  Your local library’s Interlibrary Loan department can get copies of the longer articles for you, or you could get copies directly from the State Historical Society of Missouri.  Some of the articles and ads have been transcribed on this site, and the site search box will help you find those.

Searching the Index:  Use the search page to search all the listings in the Index by last name, first name, and/or notes/transcript.  You’ll usually have the best results if you search for last name only and try different spellings.  The Standard did not always use the same spelling for names, so Adrian Pinkston was also Adrain Pinkston and A. Pinkston, and Julia Moomaw can also appear as Mrs. Moomaugh.  You can keyword search for topics, such as weather, sidewalks, roads, crime, and gardening, as well as the Punkin Show.  (That’s Punkin, not Pumpkin, although the Standard talked about its “punkin editor” and you’ll find “some pumpkins” in the Standard, too.)

Search the Skidmore Newspaper Index

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