Skidmore Plans Chautauqua, 1915

If you want to ensure the success of your chautauqua, put the Ladies’ Auxiliary in charge of the reception.  From the June 3, 1915 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Skidmore Chautauqua

The Program is an Extra Strong One — Mass Meeting Held Tuesday Evening.

To Be Held July 17-22.

Much Interest Taken Especially Among the Farmers — Program and Advertising in Near Future.

A mass meeting was held at the Manchester & Dodds store Tuesday evening when arrangements were completed and officers elected for the chautauqua the ensuing year.

A representative of the Chautauqua Company that furnishes the talent was present and assured the people that this year the program was an extra strong one.  He had a list of the attractions that will appear here and it shows his statement is correct.

This year the chautauqua association will have a ladies’ auxiliary.  We have no comment to make on this further than to say that this insures the success of the chautauqua.  The ladies of Skidmore and surrounding territory should be deeply interested in the chautauqua movement as it is their children that will reap the benefits derived from a movement of this kind.

Following is a list of the officers elected:

Executive Committee:  W. H. Welton, President.  C. Wright, 1st Vice President.  Fred Barrett, 2nd Vice President.  J. L. Teson, 3rd Vice President. A. L. Oakerson, 4th Vice President.  H. W. Montgomery, Secretary.  R. B. Foster, Treasurer.

Ticket Committee:  Theo. Gray, Merv Gray, R. A. Walker, W. S. Linville, A. C. Dodds, Ira Porter, Bert Garnett, G. L. Owen, Rev. M. DeWitt and Rev. E. L. Cunningham.

Publicity Committee:  G. F. and J. F. Kellogg, Chairmen.  W. G. Reynolds, M. A. Sewell.

Grounds Committee:  L. D. Jordan, C. E. Owens, W. J. Skidmore.

Reception Committee:  The Ladies auxiliary as a whole.