Skidmore School Concert, 1899

Skidmore had been blessed in November 1899 with beautiful weather. The Skidmore Standard and its readers spoke of the pleasure they took in those unexpected additional days to savor the countryside and prepare for winter. Alas, winter arrived in full force in December, just in time to foil the town’s plans to give a school concert to raise funds toward the purchase of an organ.

The December 15, 1899 edition reported the end of the story:

The School Concert
The weather man seems to look with disfavor upon all efforts to give home talent concerts in Skidmore. The weather was abominable, last Friday evening, the date of the school concert, and as a consequence, a comparatively small house greeted the pupils and those who assisted in the concert. The program was shortened somewhat by unavoidable circumstances, but all of the numbers rendered were especially good and were well received by the audience as was demonstrated by the hearty applause with which each one was greeted. The renditions showed what can be done by our home talent with a little training. The wreath drill and dialogue elicited much favorable comment from the audience. After all expenses were paid, $20.25 remained. This is just about half the cost of the organ so another concert some time in the future will be necessary to pay off the indebtedness on the instrument.