Skidmore Stories


Downtown Skidmore, Missouri, circa 1900

Skidmore band marching downtown, date unknown

The publisher of the Skidmore Standard called Skidmore, Missouri “the best town situated in the best county, in the best state in the United States.” [1. Skidmore Standard, April 26, 1901, page 1, column 2]  He may have been a bit biased, as his name was Skidmore and his parents were among the town’s first settlers.   Over the years, the town has seen good times and tragedies, but through it all, its citizens have persevered.  My mother’s family settled in Skidmore in the late 1800s and lived in the area through the 1960s.  As a child, I heard family stories and had a chance to visit from time to time.

The stories shared on this site are some of my favorites from a project that has occupied my spare time for the past two years.  I have compiled an index to the available issues of the Skidmore Standard newspaper (late 1898 – 1904) which includes all local news items, including all the editorials about parking (hitch racks were at a premium), all the who-visited-whom news of the day, and all the births, marriages, deaths, and other items that tell us about our ancestors’ lives.  As I find stories I think are worth sharing, I post them here.  An index to the available issues of the New Era, successor to the Standard, is in progress.

You can find the Skidmore-related stories by choosing the Skidmore category in the menu to the right.  The search box will get you closer to the names and topics that interest you.  The editor of the Standard didn’t always see fit to standardize the spelling of names, so you may want to try a more general search for just a last name, and you may want to try more than one spelling.

If you have ancestors from Skidmore or the surrounding area, I’d love to hear from you.  You can reach me at nostoryuntold (at) gmail (dot) com.