Some Hunting

From the December 22, 1899 Skidmore Standard:

John Hesse, proprietor of the Saratoga Restaurant in St. Joseph, came up to Skidmore the fore part of the week to take a hunt with his friend, M. A. Sewell. Tuesday morning, the two sports armed with all kinds of fire-arms, started for the timber and after tramping all day over two or three townships, they returned to town at night fall with only two rabbits and – good appetites. Some people who lack the sportsman’s instinct would regard this as too much labor for the fun but Messrs. Hesse and Sewell are not in that class. They have roamed these woods in search of game on other occasions and have a thorough knowledge of what constitutes the “huntsman’s luck.” They committed one act during the day, however, which does not reflect to their credit as full-fledged and knowing sportsmen. The instance we speak of was when both gentlemen broke the ice and took a bath in Florida creek. This may have been an accident, though.