Some Pumpkins, 1899

The reviews were in – the first Skidmore Punkin Show was a success. Skidmore often shared news items with other papers and often printed items of interest from other papers for the benefit of its subscribers. Why not share a few of the compliments along the way?

Comments on Skidmore’s Punkin Show by Our Exchanges.

According to the Standard’s reports the “Punkin Show” at Skidmore was a very pleasant affair, and satisfactory to all concerned. A large crowd was in attendance and the exhibition of farm products was very fine. – Graham Post.

The pumpkin show which was held at Skidmore last week was a success and the Skidmore people have enough pie material to feed all the preachers in the state, this winter. – Atchison County World.

The “Punkin Show” at Skidmore last week was “some punkins” – a grand success – and a big crowd in attendance. – Holt County Sentinel.

Skidmore was “some pumpkins” the 11 inst. At least some pumpkins were on exhibition, and the town had a pumpkin carnival. – Ravenwood Gazette.

Skidmore’s Pumpkin Show proved to be the biggest thing ever held in that enterprising burg. – Elmo Register.

The Skidmore Standard man seems to think he is some pumpkins now, just because he piloted through a very successful pumpkin show. – Tarkio Independent.

The Skidmore “Pumpkin Show” was a big affair and a big success. There was a fine display of farm and orchard products and a good attendance. The town ought to make this an annual fall festival. – Burlington Junction Post.

Skidmore had a real pumpkin show last week – but the squash was one of the main features. – Atchison County Journal.