Soup in Mr. Diggs’ New Building

What a nice way to welcome the community to a new building. From the December 14, 1900 Skidmore Standard (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Sunday Schools will Serve Soup.

W. L. Diggs’ new building is nearly completed, and there will be a “housewarming” – not of the old fashioned kind, but a sort of a new kind – in it next Thursday evening, Dec. 20. For that day and evening, the keys of the building will be turned over to the three Sunday Schools of Skidmore and they will have a big oyster supper. Nearly Everyone ought to go and eat oysters, because it is a good cause which will be aided and then, too, nearly everyone relishes the toothsome mollusk either served in soup, fried or fresh from its bivalve shell. Mr. Diggs charges nothing for the use of the building, so all the proceeds will be equally divided among the three Sunday Schools.

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