Sunday School Luck

The moral of the story, as told in the November 23, 1900 Skidmore Standard, page 8:

The Sunday School Boy’s Luck.


A certain young fellow in Skidmore, who is tolerably regular in his attendance at Sunday school and who is large enough but not quite old enough to grow a mustache and have a sweetheart, was overpowered last Sunday morning by the spirit “to date and do” which takes hold of nearly every boy more or less often while he is in his teens and leads to his disobedience of the parental commands.


On this particular morning, he felt that it would be more fun to go duck hunting than to be so “everlasting good” and go to Sunday school. So he took down the old shot gun, stole out the back way and hied away to the woods and lakes. Three or four ducks silently floating on the lake caught his eye while yet a long way off, and he immediately dropped to “all fours” and did the crawling act until he was in shooting distance of the water. His heart pounded away in his manly bosom like a trip hammer as he cautiously peered over the weeds and espied the ducks still peacefully floating near the water’s edge. Raising the old shot gun, he took careful aim and pulled the trigger. When the smoke cleared away he saw the ducks still floating gracefully on the troubled waters – for they were decoys.


And it is always thus, we might add; success very rarely comes to those who seek it through forbidden paths.