Surprise Gathering for Mrs. Miller, 1926

Social news from the February 4, 1926 edition of the Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Surprise Gathering.

On Tuesday evening Mrs. Susan Miller and daughters Misses Tena and Jessie, were very pleasantly surprised when about twenty-one of their neighbors came in and spent the evening with them.  The evening was spent in playing games and visiting.  Refreshments of homemade candy and pop corn were served.  Everyone present agreed that they had spent a very enjoyable evening.

Those present were:  Mrs. W. G. Reynolds, Mrs. G. C. Ashbrook, Mrs. Tom Deffenbaugh, Mrs. Martha Brown, Mrs. E. A. Demarest, Mrs. Ray Strickler, Mrs. Mervyn Gray, Mrs. Eliza Dilts, Mrs. Robert Barrett, Sr., Mrs. Taylor Brown, Mrs. L. D. Jordan, Mrs. Brazelton, Mrs. R. J. McClain, Mrs. J. A. Hill, Mrs. Wood Gillispie, Mrs. Ed Duval, Mrs. L. W. Garnett, Miss Margaret Strickler, Miss Katherine Gray, Miss Violet Lent, Miss Mary Haynes, Miss Tena McClain, Miss Jessie McClain, Mrs. Susan Miller.

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