Surprise Party for Miss Anna Linville

Skidmore, Missouri Sunday School classes really seemed to know how to throw a party.  Here’s another one from the June 1, 1911 Skidmore New Era, page 1:

A Surprise on Miss Anna Linville.

Miss Maud Linville’s Sunday School class gave a birthday surprise to Miss Anna Linville, the Sunday School organist, Thursday evening.  The class is composed of young ladies and gentlemen and about thirty were present.  Miss Maud had arranged for Miss Anna to meet her down town Thursday evening and while she was gone from home the guests all arrived and took possession of the parlor bedroom.  Upon Miss Anna’s return home her mother told her to open the bedroom door as the rooms were getting a little close.  Imagine her surprise when she opened the door and saw how she had been outwittingly fooled.

The surprise was soon over however, and Miss Linville threw open the doors of the large spacious parlors of her beautiful residence and they were all soon having a royal good time as only young people can.  The surprisers presented Miss Anna with a very beautiful hand painted china creamer and sugar bowl and a salt and pepper set.  The ladies brought cakes and the gentlemen a large can of ice cream and delightful refreshments were served.

After a most pleasant evening the guests departed thanking Mrs. Linville and Miss Anna for the delightful entertainment.