Talbott Money Found, 1907

Some sensational news from the January 17, 1907 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Talbott Money Found.

The killing of Dr. P. H. Talbott by his own sons a quarter of a century ago was vividly recalled to mind Wednesday when workmen engaged in moving the murdered man’s old residence, which has always stood where it was built on the Talbot farm seven miles south of Maryville, were astonished to see a number of $20 gold pieces come jingling down from inside of a room in which the doctor slept the night he was shot to death.

More than $100 was at once found, and it is thought that there is other money still hidden in the wall.

All the coins are dated between 1872 and 1879, so they are believed by the present occupant of the place to have been placed in the wall for safe keeping by the doctor a short time prior to his death at the hands of his family.

Samuel Corrough is the proprietor of the Talbott homestead.  He came to Nodaway county from Iowa four years ago and purchased the farm which has since been his home. — Maryville Tribune.


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