The Cheerful Path

Some philosophy from the December 27, 1904 edition of the Skidmore Standard:

The Two Paths — Which Will You Take?

In front of every young man and maiden there are always two paths, and if the young people whose feet are lingering in soft, green meadows and flowery paths will pause and consider most earnestly the two roads before moving onward and choose the one that truth and reason tells them leads to honor, success and happiness, then they have wisely chosen. The other road is too well known to need description. At the end of this road you will find only one ruined hope.

On that same page we find the following:

Cheer Up.

There’s a lot of fun in this world if we would keep our fun eyes open and our hearts attuned to joy. Did you ever note how your very soul is lightened and bouyed by the mere mental turning of self to the gladsome side? Teach your thoughts to run in a channel bathed in the sunlight of good cheer. Dwell upon the flowers that grow beside the road, rather than the dust opon the turnpike. Laughter and good cheer lighten many a burden, and make the tedious way a ramble in a woodland path.