The Democrats Return

High jinks and political activity ever did go together. As reported in the Standard, July 13, 1900:

The Democrats Return.

The evening passenger last Friday brought three happy Democrats home from Kansas City where they had been in attendance at the National Democratic Convention. E. E. Tilton, the Democratic nominee for sheriff of Nodaway county, was one, F. T. Russell was another and B. F. Martin was the third.

The smile which adorned Frank Russell’s face was truly a broad one – he had seen Bryan nominated; and he was so hoarse from excessive cheering that we doubt if his own hogs recognized his call when he arrived home.

Bob Martin, with his ever present pipe, had the appearance of a man who had really, actually and truly enjoyed himself. And by the way, that pipe caused Mr. Martin no little concern at one time while he was on this trip; he thought for one brief moment that he was the cause of bringing the whole fire fighting force of Kansas City out, and the quickness with which he “put out that pipe” was, we dare say, never equalled in all his life. At the particular time of which we speak, Mr. Martin was standing with the other Skidmore parties on one of the main thoroughfares of the city engaged in conversation. Mr. Martin was smoking as usual, and occasionally a few sparks would fly out from the bowl of his pipe. Suddenly up dashed a fire engine which wheeled in and stopped near the gentlemen.

“It’s your pipe, Bob! Your pipe!” yelled Mr. Tilton. Out of Mr. Martin’s mouth came the pipe and the fire was smothered in double quick time. Then he stood there a living monument of astonishment for about a minute; and until he saw that a slight blaze in the building immediately behind him was the cause of the fire laddies’ run.